Sage Fly Fishing Hats

You can’t fly fish without a lid and surely you like showing just how much you enjoy fly fishing and how much you enjoy Sage fly rods. Let’s face it, hats and fly fishing go together like Sage fly rods and well placed flies. There isn’t a better way to protect you noggin’ from the sun or maybe an occasional wayward fly than with quality logo hats from the company that brings you quality fly rods; Sage Manufacturing. These aren’t just some quickly thrown together logo hats, they are high quality, sun protecting and cutting edge design fly fishing hats. From lightweight micro-fiber to water repellent oilcloth to mesh “trucker”, these Sage Logo Hats are as functional as they are good looking. So when it’s time to cap your head, do it with a Sage Logo Fly Fishing Hat.

Sage Fly Fishing Hats – Product Name Unit Price
Sage: Big D’s Favorite Hat
Not too sure who Big D is? Well, we’re not exactly sure ourselves, but we do like his/her selection of a fly fishing hat! The Big D’s Favorite is one soft, easy wearing hat with long bill extra protection.
Sage: Full Brim Sun Hat
Hey! Your ears are an important part of your body and we always seem to forget the cover them with sun screen! OUCH! The Sage Full Brim Sun Hat helps provide extra coverage that just might save those UVA sunray magnets.
Sage: Waterproof Longbill 100% Waterproof Breathable Hat, Black $35.00
Sage: Waterproof Longbill Hat
Zane Grey and Ernest Hemingway had it right; full face protection with long bill fishing hats! Sage has taken this classic into the 21st Century with the Waterproof Long Bill Fly Fishing Hat.
Sage: Low Profile Visor, Brown $25.00
Sage: Mesh Back Hat
“Breaker One 9, you got a copy?” Sage has taken the classic trucker hat of the 70’s and 80’s…
Sage: Oil Cloth Hat
Let the mist rain on down ‘cause your noggin’ is protected! It’s hard to beat a water repellency system that has been around for centuries, and the Sage Oilcloth Fly Fishing Hat doesn’t buck that tradition.
Sage: Military Hat, Brown $25.00
Sage: Organic Eco Hat, Grass $25.00
Sage: Woven Label Hat: Small Fit
It’s just not fair that the better sex and the youth of our sport have to wear downsized men’s fly fishing apparel. Not anymore with the Sage Woven Label/Small Fit Fly Fishing Hat!
Sage: Topstitch Hat $22.00
Sage: Wool – Max Beanie $25.00