Sage Fly Fishing: Best Fly Fishing Rods, Reels, Line and More

Sage Fly Fishing Gear Review

Sage fly fishing gear screams performance. Each piece of equipment from Sage is expertly designed, rigorously tested, and painstakingly crafted with an optimal angling experience in mind. In fact, Sage came up with its own term to describe the ultimate goal of its business: “maximum fish-ability.” Whether it’s with one of Sage’s world famous fly rods, an aerospace grade fly reel from the best reel design team in the industry, or an ultra slick fly line from the guys and gals in Bainbridge Island, WA, you can bet your time on the water will be time well spent. For the very best in today’s angling gear, don’t waste any more time, choose Sage.


Sage Fly Rods have quickly become the standard by which the modern fly rod is measured. Anglers from all corners of the globe speak of the “magic” of a Sage fly rod. Whether it’s truly magical or just good old fashioned design and manufacturing, a Sage fly rod just seems to cast tighter loops, generate higher line speed, and make a day on the water more fun! If you want to make a better mend, carve a riffle, work some nice pocket water, or blast a cast on a favorite saltwater flat, Sage has a top quality, handmade fly rod to fit squarely in your fly fishing arsenal.

Xi3 Series

99 Series

TCX Series Fly Rods

TXL Series Fly Rods

Z-Axis Series Fly Rods

ZXL Series Fly Rods

BASS Series Fly Rods

VT2 Series

Flight Series & Outfits

Vantage Series & Outfits



Sage, known as the top producer of world class fly rods, has made a serious splash with an impressive offering of line of 8 different reel series. These days, fly anglers looking to Sage for the very best in fly fishing reels have access to a fantastic selection of reels in all fishing categories and at all price points. With 25 different reels to choose from, there’s a little bit of everything; from race car designs with heavy duty drag systems to durable, yet lightweight frames and spools across the board, Sage has perfected the high performance fly reel and continues to offer the “fisha-bility” that customers have come to expect from the guys and gals who proudly call Bainbridge Island home.

6000 Series Fly Reels

4500 Series Fly Reels

4500CF Series Fly Reels

3800CF Series Fly Reels

Click Series Fly Reels

2000 Series Fly Reels

1800 Series Fly Reels

1600 Series Fly Reels


What makes a good fly fishing outfit? First and foremost, the fly fishing outfit should be functional. There’s nothing worse than stalking the species of the day and finding out that you are unprepared for your pursuit. We have developed our freshwater fly fishing combos to match the situations, techniques, conditions, and species found all over the world. The Sage Elite fly outfits are designed with the finest rods, reels and lines Sage has to offer. Our experience has proven to us that Sage’s premium fly rods are the finest on the market and will make your casting and fishing easier. For those who are just beginning, or the cost conscious angler, we offer the Quality and Introductory Fly Fishing Combos. Sage’s value-priced models, the Flight and the Launch, highlight these fly fishing outfits. These outfits can be modified for more specific applications, so please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Sage FRESHWATER OUTFITS – Product Name Price Range
Sage Elite Fly Rod Package Ultra Light TXL, 000wt 7′ 10″ in length for trout on the calmest, clearest waters. ‘000’ Ultra-light line for small flies on fine tippet. An outfit for extreme accuracy and fun on small streams and ponds . $1,000-$1,200
Sage: Elite Fly Rod Package Ultra Light TXL, 000wt The ultimate spring creek fly fishing package. This brilliant little 000-weight outfit is perfect for light trout and panfish on the fly. $800-$1,000
Sage: Elite Fly Rod Package Trout, 590-4 The bread and butter weight and length for all-around trout fly fishing. This fantastic outfit gets the job done from Patagonia to New Zealand — in style. $1,000-$1,200
Sage: Elite Fly Rod Package Heavy Trout, 796-4 The top shelf 7-weight fly fishing outfit for casting big streamers and nymphs to 20+ inch trout. Catch you on the Big Horn this season! $1,400-$1,500
Sage Elite Bass Fly Rod Package: 330gr 7′ 11″ Sage Bass Outfit with a custom matched floating line and saltwater-tough Sage 3400D Reel. Very powerful for casting big flies and pulling fish out of cover. Great for all Bass, including giant Peacock Bass, Pike, Snook and smaller Tarpon. $800-$900
Sage: Elite Fly Rod Package Big Game, 890-4 When big game beckons, reach for this top-of-the-line outfit. Anchored by the dynamic duo or an 8-weight Z-Axis rod and a brand new 6080 Drag reel, this package can’t be beat. An excellent choice for big steelhead, Atlantic salmon, and bonefish. $1,400-$1,500
Sage: Elite Fly Rod Package Steelhead, 8100-4 The most versatile big fish outfit. This 10-foot 8-weight package combines long casts with delicate delivery. Steelhead, Salmon, Bonefish, Bass and Snook. A great length for big water and big flies. $1,400-$1,500
Sage Intro Bass Fly Rod Package: 330gr 7′ 11″ Sage Introduction Bass Outfit with a custom matched floating line and Sage large arbor 1880 aluminum reel. Short 7’11”, yet very powerful rod for casting big flies and pulling fish out of cover. Great for all Bass, including giant Peacock Bass and Pike. $450-$550
Sage-Fly Fishing Combo Light Trout, 4wt, 9 foot Spring creek, light trout outfit at affordable price. 9 ft #4 weight rod. Sage large arbor fly reel, RIO floating line, backing, leader, protective rod/reel case. $450-$550
Sage-Fly Fishing Combo Eastern Trout, 5wt, 8.5 foot Eastern U.S. favorite. #5 outfit for all-around trout fishing. Fast action, 8′ 6″ Sage Flight Rod, Large Arbor aluminum reel, and floating RIO line. $450-$550
Sage-Fly Fishing Combo Trout Flight Western U. S., and all-around favorite quality trout outfit. Versatile for most situations. 9 ft, 4-piece, #5 weight Flight Rod, hi-tech reel, quality floating line. $450-$550
Sage-Fly Fishing Combo Heavy Trout, 6wt, 9 foot #6 quality outfit, more powerful for bigger trout, bigger rivers, and wind. Great for smallmouth, too. 9 ft rod, reel, line, backing, case. $450-$550
Sage-Fly Fishing Combo Big Game, 8wt, 9 foot #8 outfit, most popular for larger species; steelhead, striper, black bass, and bonefish. 4-piece Flight Fly Rod w/ Sage 1880 large arbor Reel and RIO Fly Line. $450-$550
Sage-Fly Fishing Combo Trophy, 9wt, 9 foot Nine weight, powerful fish outfit; big steelhead and striper, salmon, permit, jacks, small tarpon, peacock bass and blues. Sage 1880 Reel and RIO floating fly line. $450-$550



Want even more power, accuracy and distance from your high-performance fly rod? After extensive testing and field research (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it), we’ve created some unique fly lines designed to help you get the most out of your time on the water. Each line features one of our proprietary tapers and is precisely formulated with a weight-specific, balanced loading system.
Even the very best fly fishing rods and reels in the world can’t do much of anything without a properly matched high performance fly line. Sage Fly Lines are well designed, durable, and provide anglers with a wide range of choices for fishing in all different types of fly water and environments. Each Sage Fly Line boasts one of Sage’s proprietary tapers and is built with a weight-specific, balanced loading system. With a Sage Fly Line on your reel, you’ll know you’ve got the very best shot at catching that fish of a lifetime. Fish a Sage Fly Line and fish with confidence, cast after cast.

Performance Taper II

Equator Taper II

Quiet Double Taper II

Indicator Taper

Bass Taper II

Sage Fly Fishing Hats

You can’t fly fish without a lid and surely you like showing just how much you enjoy fly fishing and how much you enjoy Sage fly rods. Read more.

Sage Fly Fishing Gift Idea

Not everyone in the world fly fishes. Yes, it’s true, sadly… but we here at Outdoorsmen Reviews know, perhaps better than anyone, that this can be a hard fact to wrap one’s head around sometimes. We often would like to pretend otherwise, not just so that we’d have more in common with other people, but also so that when we go shopping for gifts for these people, we can do it in a fly shop! Well, now even if the person you’re shopping for is a non-angler, you can do just that! Maybe your best friend is one with four legs; well we have the gift for them as well. From fly fishing journals to dog beds to our logo hats, when you need a little special something click into our gift pages. We think you’ll be glad you did. And while you’re at it, no harm in doing a little shopping for yourself, right? Ha ha…

Product Name  Price Range
Sage: Xi3 Rod Tube Humidor Xi3 Rod Tube Humidor, Blue Classy, and highly functional Sage Rod Tube Humidor in Xi3 Pacific Blue.



Outdoorsmen Reviews is continually doing our part to learn as much as we can to better assist you with Sage Fly Rods and Products.

Outdoorsmen Reivews on SAGE

Sage has been as committed to performance and innovation as any fly rod manufacturer in the world.  Their dedication to research and development has produced some of the finest fly fishing rods ever conceived.  Models like the XP and RPLX helped put Sage in a class reserved for only the best manufacturers.  And many argue models like the TCX and now the Z-Axis have sent more than a few companies scurrying to catch up.
Sage, under the guise of company founder Don Green, has been pushing the envelope with state of the art materials from the moment the company opened it’s doors in 1980. Sage was the first company to incorporate the use of IM6 (Graphite II) graphite in their fly rods. Through out the years Sage’s use of graphite evolved, from graphite II and then to graphite III, and finally graphite IV. Today, all their high-end rods contain Graphite IIIe, a blend of both graphite III and IV.  To date, graphite IIIe has the highest strength to weight ratio on the market.  From the outset, the company’s goal has been to create rods that generate high line speeds. As thousands of Sage owners will attest, the design of their rods enables the fisherman to have extraordinary line control. Casting a Sage fly rod means placing your fly where you want it, not where you hope it goes.