HOW TO FLY FISH: A 2018 Guide

A 5 Step Guide to Learn to Fly Cast Like a Pro and Become a Self-Reliant Angler

How to Fly Fish Guide - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Many anglers have experienced and enjoyed our effective 5 Step How to Fly Fish Guide. It was carefully designed to get you confidently fly casting and fishing on your own, quickly. You can take any of the steps at any point, depending on your experience level, or start from the beginning if you are new to the sport.

Step One: Forming a Loop

The most basic motion in fly fishing is stopping the rod and forming a loop. This is taught throughout all of our fly fishing courses. Through an understanding of rod mechanics, line construction and leader taper, you will learn how your equipment is designed to transfer energy and create the perfect fly cast. You will notice in all our fly fishing courses how the “power of the stop” will economize effort and gain amazing results, leading to higher line speed and greater accuracy, the basis for any good fly cast. Practice before Step 2 the next week! Learn more about How to Fly Fish from Step 1.

Step-1 How to fly fish cast


Step Two: Line Control

Best Fly Fishing Guide in 2018 - step 2

The second lesson begins with the principles of rod and line control to add distance and accuracy. In our Step 2 fly fishing courses, a review of the fly cast will lead to an evaluation of common problems such as tailing loops, snapped off flies, wind knots, and piled line. You’ll learn specialty casts such as the roll cast and single Spey. Your instructor in our fly fishing courses will teach you the essential knots and give you an overview of what a pro carries in his or her vest. Run through the knots and casts before step 3! Learn more about How to Fly Fish from Step 2.

Best Fly Fishing Guide in 2018 - step 2

Step Three: Distance and Wind

How to Fly Fish step 3

Your final class on the ponds will be devoted to casting into the wind and achieving some serious distance. This is one of our popular ranch fly fishing courses. A thorough understanding of technique will allow you to add more power to the system with double and single hauls. We’ll teach you how to achieve better drifts with techniques like the reach mend, pile cast, tuck cast, and snake cast. We conclude our ranch fly fishing courses with how to read water, fight and land fish and to release the fish quickly and safely. Learn more about How to Fly Fish Step 3.

 Step 3 - How to fly fish Guide

Step Four: Small Stream Fly Fishing

How to Fly Fish Guide - Step 4 - Small Stream Fly Fishing

Now you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards of your time spent learning how to handle a fly rod. The Blue Ribbon trout streams of California are the perfect setting for your next installment of our fly fishing courses. You’ll be taught by exceptional guides who have been trained as professional instructors. This on-stream experience will leave you with more than just a memory of great day; you’ll gain a reinforced sense of reading water, fly presentation, and your first great fishing stories! Learn more about How to Fly Fish Step 4.

550-fly-fishing-bamboo-fly-rods - Step 4 How to fly fish guide

Step Five: Masters’ Trip to the Eastern Sierra

How to Fly Fish Guide - Step 5

The fifth step is carried out in California’s beautiful Eastern Sierra, one of the little-known trout Meccas in North America. Based around Mammoth Lakes, we’ll fish the famous waters of the region: spring creeks, freestones, tailwaters and lakes,  synthesizing what we’ve learned so far and building the confidence needed to fish like a pro in any conditions. Learn more about How to Fly Fish Step 5.

550-fly-fishing-nets-brown-trout - How to Fly Fish Guide - Step 5