Elemental Herbs is a company I recently became familiar with.  They are founded on the principle of harnessing the natural powers of the environment’s purest, most elemental ingredients and organic herbs in order to offer natural healing products that are good for people and good for the earth. 

All Good Goop - Handcrafted Healing Balm - Made with Organic Herbs

All Good Goop is the first product by Elemental Herbs to ever hit store shelves.  It was initially developed by owner Caroline Duell, a massage therapist and outdoor enthusiast from five plants found on her organic family farm in California.  The plants were chosen for their medicinal properties while they also survived harsh winds and thrived together on a steep hillside.

I came across the Elemental Herb product All Good Goop – Organic Healing Balm when I was trying to find a remedy for a severe burn (either from a plant on a recent hike or chemical from work) I had on the palm of my left hand. Not sure how this burn came about, but my palm was blood red, full of blisters, itched, and felt like it was on fire.

After only one hour since my first application of the “goop”, I noticed a positive reaction. My palm was no longer on “fire”, the blisters became smaller but the redness was still there.  I have been using this product for over a week now and have seen a significant positive reaction to my burn.

The Goop claims to heal many minor skin irritations such as dry skin, cuts, minor burns, cracked heels, bug bites, chapped lips and so on. I would compare this product to an organic version of Vaseline, same texture without the petroleum jelly.  Since my unfortunate burn, I have continued to use the All Good Goop as a hand moisturizer, lip balm, and cuticle restorative.

I cannot claim that the All Good Goop healed my burn instantly but I do know that if I had left it untreated it would have taken many more weeks to heal. I am now an advocate for the “All Good Goop Organic Healing Balm” and will continue to use this product for any dry skin, chapped lips, or cuticle issues I may come across.  It is a fantastic and all organic product.  This is a product you will want to have with you on any outdoor excursion as you never know what you might come across!

About the product from Amazon

  • Our first product ever to hit store shelves and made with calendula grown on our farm. We named this healing balm All Good Goop when we realized how amazing it is for everything! This certified skincare formula is made with medicinal plants and lavender essential oil. It is strong enough for a climber’s raw knuckles and gentle enough for a baby’s bottom.
  • Great for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites, stings, dry skin, chapped lips, diaper rash, blisters, cracked hands, callouses, scars, and so much more.
  • Handcrafted in a Solar Powered Kitchen with intention for healing in every jar.
  • Made with Certified Herbs and Olive Oil, including hand harvested calendula from our farm.
  • Petroleum free. Gluten Free.

Available in 4 sizes – Click Below to Shop Amazon 

1oz Single Pack – $10.99

2oz Single Pack – $13.99

4oz Single Pack – $23.20

9oz Single Pack – $39.97

2oz Single Pack – $25.99

4oz Double Pack – $44.99


Organic Calendula*, Organic Comfrey*, Organic Lavender*, Organic Plantain* and Organic Yarrow* infused in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil* with Pure Beeswax, Vitamin E and Lavender Essential Oil.

*Certified Organic by USDA/NOP.