Ahhhhh…the sweet smell of a summer rain is in the air. What a lovely time of year. The air becomes warmer and the birds begin singing. Now, just add several strong summer rains and you’ve got floods! Right now, the National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for the North Central U.S. In this episode of Roy On Rescue, Roy takes a look at flash floods, how to be on guard, and how to survive one if you are ever caught off guard. Get ready to be safe and help others be safe that might be at risk for flash flood emergencies.

The number one thing is to understand your topographic area. This is especially important for campers, hikers, and outdoor people that are putting up tents. Recognize where low areas are such as creek beds and trenches. Water can come off the hills and mountains and it does not take that much water to create some incredible power. This power can sweep away trees and cars. Keep away from downstream areas and downstream of dams. You want to be in safe zones on higher ground. Stay away from any type of waterways.

Two feet of water is enough to carry a vehicle downstream. Never get over confident that your SUV or large vehicle can survive a flood or flash flood. The water can actually pick up your vehicle and carry it off. Then it can dump your vehicle into a deeper area. Once the water pressure is on the vehicle doors, it is extremely difficult or impossible to open the doors. You may need a window breaker to get out but be sure to have it handy and know how to use it. There is a link to the best window breakers on Amazon below the video.