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The Primus MultiFuel EX Stove is a squat little stove with the standard tripod set up. The stove is mostly handy in extreme situations or conditions. As the name suggest, this stove will burn all sorts of combustibles; LP gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel and kerosene, even aviation fuel.  White gas works the best if you plan ahead.

We took this stove to the south shore of Lake Superior last fall. We built a crude rock shelter around it, and this Primus was able to withstand the 70 mph wind that was coming off the lake like a champ. the rock shelter we built was awesome by the way.  I should mention that in addition to our rock shelter we used the metal windshield in combination to combat the high powered winds, but we were pretty proud of that shelter.

I’ve taken the MultiFuel EX with windscreen to other countries over others because when gas canisters are expensive or hard to get a hold of, this stove fills a void and can work with regular petrol.  Only niggle is the fuel jets.  Other stoves allow you to change fuels without changing jets, this is not the case with the Multi Fuel.  Tip:  in cold weather using gas invert the canister, that way the stove is fed liquid fuel that it then vaporizes in the chamber.

The downsides of this stove would be it’s weight (15.4 oz. with fuel pump / 11.8 oz. without), and the noise level.  I am use to using the MSR Whisperlite and the MSR Dragonfly.  I would classify this stove as somewhere in between – the simmer isn’t quite as nice as the Dragonfly, but it’s not as bulky. the Multi Fuel seemed as easy to service as most any stove. as noted in the instructions (if you haven’t burned them to get a fire started yet) never take apart your stove when you are hungry.  Output is 2,700 W / 9,200 BTU/h which produces a boiling time of 3 min (+/- 40 seconds of preheating).  Dimensions are 5.6″ x 3.5″ x 2.6″.

The stove is a bit heavier than ultralight stoves, but it’s pretty bomber so it should withstand the test of time. if it was a law that every citizen required a stove, the government should pass these out to people.  I’ve always been impressed with the history and experience of Primus equipment as they have been the stove of choice for so many expeditions.

Primus Multifuel EX Tool

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