In earlier days people were very fond of hunting and it was considered to be very upscale to go on hunting expeditions. People used to hunt with rifles and crossbow. Crossbow has the appearance of a cross between the rifle and the bow. It is a weapon which comprises of a bow which is placed on a stock that enables you to shoot projectiles, which is also called as quarrels or bolts. It has a fast moving string with the aid of which you are able to launch projectiles just like a bow and at the same time like a rifle it has a stock and a trigger. Whoever created this unique weapon has blended both the weapons into one. Actually these weapons have appeared on the scene much earlier than the rifles, so one can say that rifles have evolved from crossbow. In earlier days these weapons held a very special place in the hearts of the warriors because it has aided them during warfare. But in today’s world the main purpose of crossbow is just for plain hunting. In between government had put restrictions on crossbow hunting but now they have lifted the ban, hence this weapon has started gaining a lot of popularity. More and more people are trying to procure this amazing tool so that they can enjoy the game of shooting.

A crossbow has undergone a lot of evolution from the time of its origin till date. Now a lot of variation has been brought about due to the advent of technology. There are two types of crossbow- compound and re-curve. Both these models are very accurate and have a hunting range of nearly 50 yards. It can be used for fun hunting as well as for some serious hunting sport. In case you are interested to more about this intriguing weapon then you can go through this article. The speed of the crossbow ranges from 250 PPS to about 400 FPS (feet per second). The speed also depends upon the length of the pull. In case you want to go for some bid hunting game then you should have a crossbow which has a speed of about 300FPS.

The parts of the crossbow consists of stock, scope, arrow retention spring, barrel, string, cables, limbs, limb pocket, cams, foot stirrup, crossbow quiver, crossbow bolts and arrows. There are a variety of crossbow available in the market aw well as in the online stores. In case you are interested in buying this device then you can browse through the net and gather as much knowledge as possible. You can visit the sites and look through the various models and choose the one which you will be able to use with ample ease. It is always better to buy a complete package which will come with bolts, crossbow, quiver and scope. Since there are so many options from which you can select you might find it overwhelming, so it is always better to consult someone who is clued up about crossbow.