Do you live in snake country? More venomous snakes are out than in past years.

As the weather continues to warm up across the country, it may be a good idea to get your pet vaccinated against rattlesnake venom.

NOTE: Vaccines will not provide 100 percent immunity. They should not be used solely as a means of protection against rattlesnake bites. It provides some protection and may reduce the severity of the snakebite. Your dog will still need emergency treatment and in some cases may still need anti-venom.

Not all dogs should be vaccinated. If you plan on taking your dog hiking, camping, or into the wilderness in known rattlesnake country where you may not have access to veterinary attention, the vaccine may be worth looking into.

The vaccine will lesson the discomfort and buys you time to bring your pet to a vet. In addition, your pet will unlikely need a snake anti-venom which could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.