The Silva Ranger 515 CL will remind you of your father’s compass…a true classic!  It has been one of the most popular handheld baseplate compasses for many years. 

Quick note!

As of June 2022, the Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass is not available on Amazon. Here are a few Silva Ranger 515 CL alternatives to consider:

2022 Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass Review

Silva Ranger 515 CL Product Specifications:

  • Classic bezel, lid & mirror with more knuling for easier rotation/grip
  • 1-piece mirror with etched sighting line down the center for a precise readout of bearing when sighting
  • New luminous; 4X more intense than watch grade and does not degrade over time
  • 0°-360° dial, 2° graduations with luminous points for night use
  • Clinometer, map magnifier

Unlike lesser compasses, the Silva Ranger 515 CL Compass‘ enclosure is specced with military style lesatic sights on it’s enclosure. This permits more accurate bearing acquisition when you’d rather take a quick glance than stop and utilize the Silva’s attached protractor..  The mirror doubles as a survival tool for signaling should you become lost (or need help) in the wilderness.  The compass features markings for various map scales (1:24,000, 1:25,000, and 1:50,000) and 1/20-inch and millimeter rules for mapping which helps with navigation.  It is extremely light, weighing in at just 2.2 ounces.  The compass’ bezel is very easy to read with luminous markings for low-light situations and adjustable declination.  The clinometer is used to measure slope angles…this is useful to winter travelers to help estimate the danger on avalanche prone slopes.  Uses 0-360 degree azimuth scale in 2 degrees increments.  Includes a removable 15 inch lanyard with declination adjustment screwdriver.  Guaranteed to be accurate -40 – +40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silva’s US operations changed hands in 1998, initially leading some to question the stability of the brand’s reputation. After over 6 months of trail use in a vast range of temperatures and weather conditions, we think we’ve found the answer to that question.  We think you’ll find this model’s combination of lightness and durability to be a strong buy at this price point.

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