Thinking about joining the growing number of off-road trailer enthusiasts? If you plan to purchase your own trailer, here’s a concise buyer’s guide to off-road, overlanding focused trailers. 

SoCal Teardrops Off-Road Trailers Review

SoCal Teardrops Off Road Trailer Reviews

SoCal Teardrops are a throwback to the compact, towable trailers popular in the 1940’s and ‘50’s. They’re light, streamlined, and perfect for towing by smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, yet they feature a reinforced rib system that combats the extra forces you’ll encounter off-road. For all their nostalgic appeal, they’re painstakingly engineered with modern materials and technology and offer all the comforts and conveniences the modern camper has come to expect.

For starters, cabins provide ample sleeping space for two adults and a galley featuring a two-burner Partner Steel propane stove mounted in a sliding drawer with nested utensil drawer. You also get an AM/FM/CD unit, cabin light, 12V outlet, cubbies, shelves and cup holders. The 12V system is powered by a group 24 deep-cycle battery and on-board 3-stage marine charger/tender with external shore power. Possibly the coolest thing about SoCal Teardrops is that every trailer is built to suit your specs, with more than 50 options available.

MOAB Trailers, Bivouac Camping Trailers Review

Moab Off-Road Camping Trailers Review

Since 2008, this Phoenix-based company has provided high quality, unique expedition trailers/toy haulers for folks who love the great outdoors…just like the founders and their families! They built the first prototype in a friend’s garage and have since aligned with top-rated companies that allow Bivouac Camping Trailers to manufacture some of the best off-road camping trailers you can buy. Be sure to check out their main partner, Tepui Tents from Santa Cruz.

Bivouac Camping Trailers offers six models of expedition-grade trailers with something to suit every need and budget. Models range from the compact, lightweight M.O.A.B. Crawler that shelters 0-2 people with 21.3 cubic ft. of storage space to the “teardrop style” large-capacity M.O.A.B. Gobi, with room for 3-6 people and 168 cubic ft. of storage.

VMI Off Road Trailers Review

VMI Off-Road Trailers for Hunting - Outdoorsmen Reviews

This small, all-American company prides itself on turning great ideas into world-class products for off-road enthusiasts. Their line of six Xtender off-road trailers are custom built in Bellingham, WA with American-made aerospace and marine-grade aluminum, making them lightweight, strong and corrosion-free.

The base trailer is the Xtender Explorer – compact and affordable as a utility trailer or basic camper…or you can trick it out with all the creature comforts you want! At the top of the line, the Xtender Alpine XL sleeps a family of four in year-round comfort. Coming soon, the ultimate VMI Off-Road Trailer: the Xtender Compass, bringing all the comforts of home to the back-country, with a simple five-minute set-up.

Turtleback Trailers Review

Turtleback Trailers for Camping or Off Road Reviews - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Versatile and rugged, these camping trailers are hand-crafted in the USA, built to exacting specifications so they’re tough, light and simply functional. All amenities are integrated into the unit, for the most efficient use of space and the easiest set-up and break-down. And fully equipped, it’s easy to tow.

Well-priced and well-equipped, the Turtleback offers exceptional storage space – up to 55 cubic ft. with the optional 3-box storage option. The 6’ by 10’ footprint includes a full kitchen with stainless steel 2-burner stove and sink, dovetailed slide-out pantry, pot and pan storage shelf and two utensils drawers. The Turtleback has 42 gallons of water on board for showering and kitchen use, with a high-efficiency 6-gallon water heater. Numerous other options are available, including upgraded electrical systems, tailgate systems and boat racks.

Schutt Industries Off-Road Trailers Review

Schutt Industries - XVENTURE Off- Road Toy Hauler Trailer Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

The XVENTURE Off-Road Trailer is revolutionary new vehicle from the world’s leading American manufacturer of military trailer products. A severe-duty trailer, the XVENTURE is like nothing you’ve seen before, tailor-made for the extreme, off-road, overlanding community.

It features independent military-grade suspension to protect delicate cargo, all-aluminum weldless construction, 3-axis hutch for smooth articulation, a superior electric braking system and manual parking brakes, among other specifications and amenities to ensure top performance for many years.

Kakadu Camping Trailers

Kakadu Campaing Trailers Reviews - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Part heavy-duty trailer, part tent-trailer, the BushRanger® line is great for family camping trips, hunting or fishing trips, surfers, or ATV and dirt bike lovers. You get plenty of cargo space and an amazing amount of living space – up to 250 square feet. And you’ll sleep in comfort on a queen-size bed. It’s built for the harshest off-road conditions, yet it sets up in less than 10 minutes, is lightweight and easy to tow, and can be stored in the average-sized garage.

Four BushRanger models are available, from the BushRanger 150, perfect for couples and small families, to the BushRanger SE, the expedition-ready, premium off-road trailer.

Adventure Trailers Reviews

Adventure Trailers for Off-Road or Camping - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Starting as a trailer manufacturer more than 10 years ago, Adventure Trailers/AT Overland diversified into outfitting vehicles and manufacturing accessories previously unavailable to the fledgling overland community. Today it’s one of the few companies in North America offering a comprehensive overland fitment center, retailing and manufacturing under one roof.

AT offers premium off-road trailers that are highly capable over technical terrain or on long-haul washboard conditions and that offer superior shelter, comfort and convenience. All models feature AT’s proprietary independent trailing arm suspension with all chassis and body components precisely cut on a three-axis laser, primed with a zinc-rich coating prior and powder coated.

TO Extreme Off-Road Trailers Review

TO Extreme Off-Road Trailers Review

For a no-nonsense, affordable and uncompromising trailer, check out TO Extreme Off Road. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience to their credit, the TO Extreme team has spent countless hours developing and testing their Rugged ‘N Ready line of off-road utility trailers.

The Rugged ‘N Ready 60” High Country is the base trailer, which you can outfit very nicely with an available Retrax lid, rack system and premium rooftop tent. With 33 cubic feet of cargo space, it’s perfect for towing smaller vehicles and on narrow trails. The heavy-duty 72” Backwoods model offers 50 cubic feet of cargo space. Put the tailgate down and you can haul your 4-wheeler or load it up with plywood or sheetrock for home improvement projects.

Lead Dog Extreme Off-Road Trailers Review

Lead Dog Extreme Off-Road Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

 With more than 20 years in off-road racing and desert recreation experience, Lead Dog Motorsports teamed up with Hiker, a company with 12+ years making Teardrop Builds, to bring you an entry-level off-road adventure trailer that’s ready to customize to your specs.

The Basic has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. The Deluxe has all the same rugged, high-quality features as the Basic, but with upgrades that make an extended trip more comfortable. Go deeper into the trails with the Off Road model. All models are available in 4 x 8 or 5 x 8. Complete your package with their full line of accessories.

TCTeardrops Off-Road Expedition Trailers Review

TCTeardrops Off-Road Expedition Trailers - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Since 2008, these custom-built campers have really taken off. Their very first home-built Teardrop led to a few built by special request, which led to a few more, which led to the highly respected company today.

Models include 4 x 8, 5 x 8, 5 x 9 and 5 x 10. Every TCTeardrop comes with an impressive array of standard features including a custom-built frame, powder-coated sides in your choice of stock colors, 14” aluminum wheels, flat front storage platform, aluminum diamond plated roof and much more. If you’re a serious off-road enthusiast, add the Off Road Extreme Pkg. to any TCTeardrop model for some high adventure.

Tentrax Off-Road Jeep Trailers Review

Tentrax Off-Road AT Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

For ease of use, you can’t do better than Tentrax Trailers: you can set up the tent and bed in less than 5 minutes! These Terrain Rated® tent trailers let you haul all types of gear, including bicycles and kayaks. Start with the standard Boulevard camper, which can be upgraded to a fully functional off-road camping trailer – lightweight and weather-resistant, with large cargo capacity.

Also check out their line of off-road trailers for backcountry adventure. They’re lightweight and versatile, with a pop-up feature that withstands the abuse of rugged off-road camping trails. You can even have your trailer custom built to match most vehicles on the road today.

Titan Off-Road Trailers Review

Rugged and convenient, the TITAN ORT is built to comply with all 50 states’ Department of Transportation standards and follows all vehicle manufacturing guidelines. This full-functioning, heavy-duty, load-carrying trailer is capable of carrying 2,500 pounds or securing your expedition gear. Made in the USA with an 11-gauge, all-welded frame and heavy-duty walls, the TITAN ORT is built to last.

You can load your TITAN ORT with options including portable grills; bed liners; water and power systems; propane mounts; mounts for bikes, gear, spare tire, recovery tools etc.; extendable tongue mounts; different bolt patterns for the wheels and a variety of storage features.

Ruger Off-Road Trailers Review

Ruger Off-Road Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Enhance your outdoor and camping experience with an off-road trailer from Ruger Trailers. Proudly made in the USA, these rugged, durable trailers are ready for the long haul with a structurally engineered frame, 14-gauge sheet metal cargo box with 14-gauge reinforced lid, completely powder-coated frame, heavy-duty gas-assist struts and more. Plus you can add from tons of options including rear stabilizers, expedition roof rack, ice chest holder and tongue rack.

Adrenalin Campers Review

Adrenalin Campers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

How rugged are these off-road camper trailers? They were designed and proven in Australia, and now available in the USA! They feature a custom 360-degree tow hitch, air-ride suspension and a super-tough chassis. Built with aerospace technology and stainless folded aluminum, they’re water- and dust-proof, durable and lightweight enough to be hauled behind anything from a small car to a full-size SUV. The independent air-ride suspension gives you a smooth ride even in the most rugged terrains, and the hardtop can carry ATVs, bikes and kayaks. And the tent and awning are super-easy, super-fast to set up and take down – less than one minute!

Crawlorado Off-Road Trailers Review

Crawlorado Off-Road Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Built to the highest standards, Crawlorado Offroad Trailers are assembled with heavy-duty box steel frames to withstand even the most extreme trails and provide the ultimate in off-road reliability. Unlike many manufacturers, Crawlorado includes as standard equipment what others offer as options…which doesn’t mean you can’t customize your trailer as much as you’d like!

Standard equipment includes electric brakes, independent axles with dual-rate sealed air-spring suspension, kitchen drawer on 400-lb. slides with fully functional sink and 2-burner stove, your choice of tires and paint, electric water pump with 6-gallon tank and much more. The durable frame is built from boxed steel, and aluminum diamond plate is used wherever possible. Optional rooftop tents come in several sizes and configurations – lightweight, durable and easy to set up.

Highland Expedition Outfitters (Formerly Ecotrek Campers) Review

Highland Expedition Outfitters Formerly Ecotrek Campers - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Ready for adventure? So is the Ecotrek T Series RTT camper – the finest all-terrain roof top tent trailer, manufactured entirely of mig welded 6061 aluminum to be lightweight, rust-proof and rugged enough for the most remote camping destinations. The 45 to 57-cubic foot tub gives you plenty of room to store and transport all your gear. You can gain easy access via two side doors, the tailgate and hinged top. You also get a high-quality CVT Roof Top Tent – the T3 sleeps 2+; the T4 sleeps 3+.

Weighing in at only 550 to 700 pounds, the EcoTrek T Series can be towed by nearly any vehicle. With its 30 x 9.5 R15 Big Horn tires and a 3000 pound Rockwell American Equalizer Torsion Axle with 3500 pound spindles, it gives you a full 16 inches of ground clearance, so you can tackle even the most challenging trails. The standard Lock-n-Roll 3 Axis Off Road Coupler allows full mobility on the roughest terrain. Lots of options are available to customize your EcoTrek T Series to your specification.

Jackwagon Off-Road Trailers Review

The Jackwagon Off-Road Basecamp is camping perfection. This high-quality trailer is hand-made with pride in Prescott, Arizona. Its 48 cubic ft. of sealed, lockable storage will carry everything you need to be comfortable on your weekend adventure and keep all of your gear clean and dry. Three doors and a full-size lid give you fast, easy access to whatever you need, and there’s plenty of external storage for fuel cans or propane tanks.

No matter how rough the road gets, you’ll appreciate the Basecamps’ fully boxed frame, independent suspension, 33″ off-road tires and multi-axis hitch for smooth riding. The Basecamp isn’t short of creature comforts, either. Enjoy gourmet feasts on the full-width table and sleep comfortably on a thick foam mattress in the 3-person rooftop tent.

Oregon Trail’R Rugged Teardrop Trailers Review

Oregon Trail'R Rugged Teardrop Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

These teardrop trailers are built to stand up to the rigors of the off-road. Available in three models, they’re comfortable, secure and easily towed by most vehicles. And they’re lots of fun to camp in!

The Frontear is the classic flagship teardrop, 5 ft. wide x 4 ft. tall x 8 ft. long, and ranging in weight from 1,000 to 1,300 lbs. depending on configuration and options. The Terradrop is built for the rigors of off-road adventure, with the same overall size as the Frontear but more storage space and headroom. The smaller DO-Drop is simple, light and affordable, with everything you need for a weekend camping trip.

Campa USA All-Terrain Trailers Review

Campa USA All-Terrain Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Founders Chris Cole and Anne Pence have a passion for the outdoors that shines through in Campa’s ATT (All Terrain Trailer) and Cub models. The ATT comes fully equipped – even down to the spices in the well-appointed kitchen! With a cargo carrying capacity of up to 2,600 lbs.; a main storage container measuring 57” x 43” x 24” and two side containers, each measuring 39” x 12.5” x 9” and a 12 VDC deep cycle battery, you have plenty of storage and power. The Cub is light, sporty and easy to maneuver. You get lots of space for gear with a main storage container measuring 25” x 43” x 60” and two side containers, each measuring 13.5” x 14” x 53”. The rooftop tent sleeps two comfortably.

RBX Rockbox Off-Road Trailers Review

RBX Rockbox Off-Road Trailers Review - Steel Series 1

This family-operated company is dedicated to building strong, reliable off-road trailers that get you where your appetite for adventure takes you. The RBX Series trailers are built to fit your specific needs and budget, with durability and performance in mind, using 14g steel for the box, 3/16 steel frame rails, 3k rated axles in 5 or 6 lug patterns, stainless tanks and accessory boxes, and 12v systems. Plenty of accessories are also available.

Dinoot DIY Jeep Trailers Reviews

Dinoot DIY Jeep Trailers Reviews -

Here’s the DIY approach to creating a lightweight, durable, small footprint camping trailer. Dinoot supplies everything you need to build the camping trailer of your dreams, including build components, guides, online information, phone support, a forum and everything in between.  The trailers start as fiberglass tub kits in two models: the J-Series and the M-Series. The J-Series has distinct Jeep styling cues and is available in two sizes. The M-series has classic M416 military trailer styling and is easily shortened for custom length tubs. Build them as Tent-Topped Campers or Gear Haulers, and as heavy or light-duty as you need. Not big on DIY? No problem, as Dinoot is ready and able to do it all for you.

Off Road Trailerz Review

If you want to take a family of four on a weekend of fun that includes an ATV, the Weekender Trailer by New Image is the trailer for you. You’ll enjoy all the comforts of home no matter how far off the trail you roam. Each trailer is custom-made to your specifications, open or enclosed, from a 3.5 × 4 trail trailer to a 5 × 10 trailer to haul your ATV and a boatload of camping equipment.

The Weekender Plus series trailer combines convenience of an enclosed trailer with the clearance of an off-road trailer for a complete base camp trailer. It’s perfect for use as work trailer during the week. Come Friday, fill it up and head out to camp with the comfort and security of a hard side trailer.

Moby 1 Teardrop Expedition Trailers Review

Moby 1 Teardrop Expedition Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

What makes a Moby1 different from your typical teardrop trailer? It’s designed with more ergonomics, functionality, comfort and usable space. There’s more usable storage cabinetry built in, adding strength to the trailer body. And many options are available to make your trailer suit your lifestyle.

There are two off-road models, the Moby1 XC and the Moby1 XTR. The XC series is built for unlimited movement using multi-axis coupler, heavy duty frame and steel tube reinforced aluminum skinned fenders. The base model is 48” wide, with a dry curb weight of 1,400 lbs. It features locking cabin doors with deadbolts, standard built-in voluminous cabinetry group, cabin and galley.

The XTR series has trailing A-arm coil spring suspension, 3500lb axles, Fox Racing shocks, solid hardwood cabinetry, two locking cabin doors with deadbolts, exo-skeletal frame and fender support, protection and standing platform and receiver tongue, and 10” electric brakes with single lever dual action park brake. At 54” wide, it has a dry curb weight of 1,800 lbs. Both series are equipped with LED tail lights, width and side markers.

Little Guy Teardrop Campers/Trailers Review

Little Guy Max Teardrop Campers and Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

The 5 Wide Rough Rider provides the ultimate off-road experience, going just about anywhere your 4-wheel drive can go. It features electric brakes, a custom-made chassis, pintle hook and skid-plates. Knobby 15″ mud tires and squared-off fenders provide that extra bit of performance. With a curb weight of 1,400 lbs. and an interior width of 58.5”, it has locking double entry doors with slider window and screen for safety and privacy, and a rear locking hatch for access to the galley. It also features a carpeted interior and a queen-size mattress for comfort even when you’re far off the beaten path. Lots of luxury upgrades are available, including Bluetooth stereo, and entertainment center and stargazer window.

Latitude Campers Review

These soft-top, fold-out, off-road trailers are rugged and comfortable enough for all outdoor enthusiasts.  With a 7’ x 4’ chassis, the Everest I is designed for comfort and ease, with plenty of storage space for camping gear. Lightweight yet tough, it has a maximum towing weight of 3,500 lbs. It comes fully equipped with onboard 12V power system with Zamp 110V inverter, electric water pump faucet and double-burner built-in LP gas stove. The Deluxe 10-ft. tent has a Serta queen-size inner-spring mattress for maximum comfort after a day’s adventure.

ADAK Adventure Off-Road Trailers Review

It’s “The Ultimate Camper for the Ultimate Outdoorsmen” – the Big Dog in adventure/overland trailers.  This trailer goes wherever your tow vehicle has the guts to pull it. The aluminum chassis is built to exacting specifications, and nothing but good, durable, low-maintenance hardware is used. It has long-term storage for your camping and sporting gear, saving you the hassle of constantly unloading and reloading. Comfort? Try finding another RV of this size that can accommodate half as many people. Plus, it’s surprisingly simple to hook up and go. Lots of options are available to make your ADAK a little bit of home in the wilderness.

Bear Trailersports Off Road Trailers Review

Bear Trailersports Off Road Trailers Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Designed as a lightweight, durable off-road trailer, the Trailgater is perfect for farming, hunting, off-roading, fishing, 4-wheeling and any other outdoor adventure you can think of.

At approximately 800 lbs., the Trailgater is constructed from rectangular tubing and 14-gauge steel diamond plate, with an overall length of 130” and a width of 74”. Extra-bright LED tail lights are frenched into the frame for to resist damage on the trail. Other standard features include durable powder-coat finish, heavy-duty D-rings welded to the frame, interchangeable coupler system, heavy-duty swivel jack with large caster, emergency safety cables and an extra storage basket. Buy your Trailgater as-is or customize it however you like.