I’d like to start first with a brief background about Primus from their website’s about page: “In 1892, Scandinavian inventors and adventures, Lindqvist and Svenson created the first soot-free, lightweight packable cook stove. They called it ‘Primus.’ Since that day, Primus has aided the triumph of adventurers and outdoorsmen across the globe. From the slopes of the Himalaya, to the deep arctic, to the undeveloped world, Primus has been everywhere. Where have you been?”

If you backpack, you know the name Primus and chances are you associate them for their stoves.  Although the company is probably best known for their stoves, I want to encourage you to give their lanterns an opportunity to impress…especially the Easylight because that is exactly what it will do…impress!

The Easylight lantern arrived and like most arrivals, I was giddy and then realized I had to wait until the weekend to really put it to use.  Waiting sucks. This lantern sucks not.  I usually don’t come out and say it at the beginning of a review, but I’m going to make an exception.  I was so impressed with this lantern and only have one recommendation to make for improvement and it isn’t exactly a knock against the lantern itself.  So, I’m gonna say this right now and save you the time of reading the rest of my honest (and un-biased) review.  If you are in need of a backpacking lantern or wanting to replace what you have, this one is “ub approved”.

Let’s talk about the EasyLight Lantern.

Primus Easy Light Lantern Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

Primus Easy Light Lantern Features:

  • Weight: 187 g
  • 6.6 oz
  • Burn Time: 4 – 36 h
  • Dimensions: 3.1″ x 2.9″ x 4.8″
  • 490 Lumens
  • Output: 300W – 1100 BTU/h
  • Piezoelectric Ignition
  • LIGHT REGULATION – With an adjustable brightness corresponding to a maximum of 490 lumens, the EasyLight will brighten your evenings on all of your adventures.
  • EASY TO USE – The EasyTrigger Piezo igniter allows you to effortlessly light the Easy Light Lantern with the push of a button.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing only 6.6 oz 187 g, this little lantern is the perfect addition for your camping accessories.
  • CONVENIENT – The EasyLight Lantern uses the same isobutane canisters as the Primus stoves (sold separately), so you can change between the two with ease.
  • TRAVEL READY – The EasyLight Lantern comes with a plastic carrying case and a wire hanger, making it perfect for backpacking, camping, or any of your outdoor excursions.

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primus-easylight-lantern-detaching-top-and-glass-globe- Outdoorsmen ReviewsAssembly is simple and is a three step process.  Making sure that the fuel control knob is turned off (fully clockwise), gently screw the fuel cartridge into the Duo valve (which fits all valve cartridges) of the lantern until it meets with the O-ring of the Duo valve.  Ensure that you have a proper seal and there is no fuel leak.  Next, you will need to pre-burn the mantle.  A mantle is a device for generating bright white light when heated by a flame.  The mantle is a fabric item which, because of primus-easylight-lantern-mantle- Outdoorsmen Reviewsimpregnation with metal nitrates, form a rigid but fragile mesh of metal oxides when heated during initial use; these metal oxides produce light from the heat of the flame whenever used.  To pre-burn the mantle, you will need to remove the lantern top and glass.  To do this, you will need to pinch in the clips at the sides of the lantern where the metal wire attaches to the base which will unlock the top and glass allowing you to lift them from the base.  The mantle gets fitted over the burner tube.  Once fitted, you will light the mantle using a match or lighter and turn the control knob and keep the burner alight for about a minute until the mantle has formed a white “egg”.  Once the mantle has been fully burnt off, replace the lantern glass and top.  The lantern is now ready and from here on it can be lit using its Piezoelectric ignition.

The lantern is bright.  Up to 490 lumens bright!  Of course a lantern is suppose to be bright, but when testing this one out that was the first thing that came to my mind and also the first words out of anyone’s mouth within visibility of it.  Aside from the initial burst when pressing the ignition to light the lantern, it is extremely quite.  I would rebuke any claim that states otherwise.  Almost silent when burning.  The wire strap allows for the user to carry it or to hang the lantern.  This product did exactly what a lantern is suppose to do which is keep light.  The very bright light it produces and the ease to ignite it time and time again is what makes this lantern so great.    I liked how fast the top and glass cooled between usage allowing for it to return to it’s case rather quickly.  Although it is a very highly durable product, you will want to return it to it’s case as soon as possible just for peace of mind.   When you find a great product you tend to put it on a pedestal and take good care of it.  You will do that with this.

primus-easylight-lantern-burning - Outdoorsmen ReviewsNow is my chance to get critical.  I wish the EasyLight came with an additional mantle.  Packaged inside is one mantle, but not a backup.  You can purchase a package of 3 mantles for around $10 and I’d suggest that you do this at the point of sale.  Once the mantle has been pre-burned, it becomes very fragile.  Although the transport box provided is very durable and protects the lantern nicely when you backpack it is quite common for the mantle to begin to disintegrate from movement inside the pack as well as constant usage.  Without a mantle the lantern is quite useless.  That being said, I would urge anyone to keep at least one spare mantle always on hand.  I wish this came provided by Primus.   The transport box mentioned above is plastic…I wish it came in a nice tin.  Why?  Just because I feel that this lantern deserves to be packaged inside a nice tin vs plastic…that’s why.  I think it deserves a packaging that represents  the overall quality of the lantern and for me, a tin canister speaks more loudly than a plastic one.    Primus probably did what’s best though as plastic is probably more durable, lighter, and keeps costs down.  That’s all the fuss I have about this product.  So, nothing negative about the lantern itself at all.  It is a great little product and one that is invaluable when out on the trails.

I can’t say enough about this little powerhouse of a light.  It is a glass globe lantern which will raise some concern to many, but a product this nice you will care for it and thus the glass material will not be an issue.  It does what it is suppose to and will not disappoint!