Don’t own a hatchet?  Don’t go on many expeditions?  Don’t know Wetterlings?  What the hell is wrong with you?  I’ll accept 2 out of 3, but anything less is unacceptable.  People should own hatchets, people should go on (epic) expeditions, and people should know Wetterlings.  I’m hoping I’ve got your attention and at the end of reading my review you will be familiar with Wetterlings and if you don’t already go on expeditions or own a hatchet that you soon will. 

Wetterlings Expedition Hatchet Review

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Hatchets are macho and rugged.  Authentic, hand-forged Swedish hatchets are intrepid and indomitable and last a lifetime!  Since 1880, Wetterlings has produced a unique line of quality axes, making it the oldest axe forger in Sweden.  Currently, Wetterlings produces an array of backcountry, forest, and splitting axes made of Swedish carbon steel heads and American hickory handles.

Check out this video I snagged from Wetterlings website.  The video won’t win any awards, it’s rugged like the axes produced.  It isn’t the most entertaining video to watch from start to finish, but nonetheless it is still very cool to see the craftsmanship put into every Wetterlings.

The Expedition Hatchet (formerly dubbed the “Wildlife Axe“)  by Wetterlings is slightly thicker than other axes in the market, making it favored for it’s ability to chop wood.  It’s thicker head helps prevent the head from getting stuck in the wood and also enhances striking power when swinging.  My badass status increased the moment I held the Expedition Hatchet’s elegant handle in my hand.  The contour of the handle provides a perfect fit for all hand sizes.

Let’s just say that if you’re out in the woods you just may find yourself wanting to sleep with this hatchet at night.  And, if you do that, a glorious dream might ensue…something like this:

The temperature has dropped and your awakened to find yourself in a bone chilling cold.  You can’t fall back asleep.  What’s that?  A grizzly bear.  Oh no.  It isn’t a nice bear.  It attacks.  You defend using your Expedition Hatchet.  You’re no longer cold.  Read between the lines…you follow the story?  These are the types of dreams that badasses have.

The quality craftsmanship is continued into the leather sheath that protects the blade and fits snug.  Weight is nicely distributed and I found chopping and splitting to be fun, entertaining, enjoyable, and yes…badass.

Not only does Wetterlings have a strong commitment to quality and design, but they also have demonstrated a commitment to the environment.  Since March of 2012, the Wetterlings factory has been completely energy self sufficient through the use of environmentally friendly waterpower.  Now that’s friggin’ cool.  How many other companies can make that claim?

I urge you to give Wetterlings’ line a look.  If you don’t already own an axe or a hatchet…what are you waiting for?  Buy a Wetterlings.