This is the last guide you’ll need to read if you’re looking for the best fishing subscription box for you.

We took a look at the fishing subscription boxes available, finding those that are top quality, and condensed the list to the top options to consider. We even broke our guide down into the specific types of subscription boxes available (like fly fishing subscription boxes and saltwater subscriptions).

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Our complete guide to the best fishing subscription boxes of 2022

So you want to fish consistently and are looking for a subscription box that doesn’t cost too much, is high quality, and has some nice features (free shipping, premium flies, new baits, etc.)?

Great, we’ve got you covered. This fishing subscription box review is different than all the other reviews out there. Specifically, it’s because we broke the guide out into the best fishing subscription boxes by type of fishing:

Doing it this way gives you a better perspective and is, in our opinion, much more useful and much less focused on the name brand alone.

Best overall fishing subscription box: Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box is the first fishing subscription box in the game. Since they started, they’ve delivered an impressive 5 million boxes.

There are three Mystery Tackle Box plans:

  • Regular – $25 in value, choose from Bass, Inshore Saltwater, Panfish & Trout, and Walleye

  • Pro – $40 in value, choose from Bass, Multi-species, Inshore Saltwater, Panfish & Trout, Walleye

  • Elite – $60 in value w/ premium gear included, and choose from Bass, Multi-species, and Inshore Saltwater

There are some exciting features as well. For one, you can select and change species at any time. This is a great way to discover new tackle every month. They also make it extremely easy to pause or cancel any time.

You can also find them on Amazon, interestingly.

Best fly fishing subscription box: Postfly


Postfly has branded itself as the company that will help you improve your fly fishing IQ.

They do this by providing their customers with new flies and gear every month.

One interesting spin on the fly fishing subscription box game that they implement is their guarantee that you’ll catch more fish or get your money back!

Here are Postfly’s fishing subscription plans:

  • Guide series – $49.95 per month

  • Regular box – $27.95 per month

  • Fly tying box – $27.95 per month 

Best fishing tackle box subscription: Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box is by far the best fishing tackle box subscription, but it also contended for the best overall fishing subscription box.

Lucky Tackle Box offers 6 subscription options:

  • Classic Crappie/Panfish – $17.99 per month

  • Classic Bass – $18.99

  • Classic XL Bass – $22.94

  • Classic XL Multi-Species – $22.94

  • Classic Xtreme Bass – $39.94

  • Classic Xtreme Multi-Species – $39.94

As you can see, Lucky Tackle Box has a nice variety of boxes at differing price ranges.

Each box comes with baits, lures and tackle, and various accessories. It also comes with the Lucky Tackle Box “Lucky Monthly” digital magazine.

Best saltwater fishing subscription box: Man-O-War


Price: Starts at $45/quarter

Man-o-War offers three different subscription boxes for offshore and inshore.

When you subscribe to Man-o-War, you can expect to receive everything from lures to apparel.

They’ve branded themselves as the saltwater fishing subscription box that contains “gear that you will actually use delivered to your doorstep quarterly.”

And that’s one of the only downsides, the fact that these boxes are currently delivered quarterly, not monthly.

Best bass fishing subscription box: Monsterbass

monsterbass fishing subscripiton box

Price: Starts at $26/month

The ideal bass fishing subscription box, Monsterbass offers 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans. You’ll get a box a month, with satisfaction guaranteed.

Every month, Monsterbass posts a blog from one of their fishing experts to talk about what’s in the upcoming box.

At the end of the day, the Monsterbass box is for everyone, whether you’re new to bass fishing or are a pro.

Best hunting and fishing subscription box: The Sportsman’s Box

sportman's subscription box

Price: Starts at $25

Sportsman’s Box is the perfect hunting and subscription box, as it provides you with product for hunters and anglers; double win! They have three types of boxes to choose from that you get to customize by answering a questionnaire when you subscribe.

Like other subscriptions, The Sportsman’s Box allows you to select either a monthly subscription or a yearly one. 

Conclusion: The Best Fishing Subscription Box for You

At the end of the day, the “best fishing subscription box” is one that best fits your needs. That’s why this guide was based on the type of fishing; hopefully that makes it clear what the best fishing subscription boxes are for you.

We’re confident that the list above will give you everything you need to choose the best subscription for you.