Erich Esswein, owner of GripPro Trainer sent us some samples to try out.  I’ve had a little over a month to try them out, but got some extensive use last week during a car ride from Illinois to Connecticut.  The short of it…they work.  As their website states, “GripPro trainer is an extremely effective finger-hand-forearm strength and endurance trainer.”  There are many different types of grippers out there, but I found a few advantages with the GripPro that others are lacking.

The GripPro Trainer is available in three different levels of difficulty determined by the pound of resistance; 30 lb (green), 40 lb (black), and 50lb (red).  I like the GripPro come from a family of three.  Three is a great number.  Three is all you need.  The 30 lb is relatively easy to squeeze…for just about anyone, but the number of repetitions will vary.  You will find that you can quickly increase your repetitions using the 30lb gripper.  Stepping up to the 40lb and 50lb will be more difficult.

GripPro Trainer Review

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During my 15 hour (including stops) car ride from IL to CT, I spent some time getting acquainted with the 30 lb gripper.  I increased repetitions from 30-40 to 150+.  You feel the resistance in your fingers most and the burn is felt in the forearm.  It is a comfortable feeling as you build muscle and strengthen grip.  Increasing to the 40 lb gripper I noticed that my repetitions were significantly less…more than half.  I worked between these two units and then worked the 50 lb into the mix.  The 50lb…I wonder what the record is???  It is difficult!  Three is the right number because there is plenty of resistance between the units. You will notice improvement fast which is quite encouraging…you don’t have to wait long to notice results with these!

The benefit of the Grip Pro Trainer is in it’s design.  First, the rubber material that it is made from allows for it to flex.  The material is nice because you pack it or place it anywhere without having to worry that it might scratch or damage other items.  This factor provides the portability that you want in a gripper.  You can take it (or leave it) anywhere and use it often.  Second, the shape of the unit is that which resembles a donut providing the option to squeeze from the outer ring in or placing fingers inside (center hole) you can push from the inner ring out.  This helps in developing the outward pushing strength of your hands.  Lastly, there is no pre-configured placement allowing you to use any combination of fingers or finger tips in order to concentrate the impact of the workout on any single or group of finger or tips.

These are great training tools that will help you in any sporting/outdoor endeavor whether it be mountain biking, golf, rock climbing, etc.  You might also get a few compliments about your firm handshake…I have!

The Grip Pro Trainer Hand Grip Forearm SET w/Carry Bag is available on Amazon for $29.70, this includes the 30 lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs of resistance.  In my opinion, this is an inexpensive purchase that provides an unlimited amount of reward.  Purchase today on Amazon!