The HUNTIT H2 Hunting Pack emerges as a sought-after companion for hunting aficionados. Designed with the quintessential hunter in mind, this backpack promises not only durability but also efficiency. At first glance, the meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful design choices already position this backpack as a must-have for hunting seasons to come.


Material and Construction


One of the standout features of the HUNTIT H2 is undoubtedly its choice of material. Crafted from a robust 800D Polyester, this backpack defies the usual weight constraints often associated with rugged gear, maintaining an impressively lightweight profile. For the avid hunter, the stealthy and silent nature of the fabric amplifies its worth, ensuring minimal noise and disturbance in those crucial moments of prey stalking. This silent operation extends to its zippers—solid in construction, yet quiet in function, preventing any unwanted sounds that might disrupt the hunting experience.


Storage and Accessibility


Storage-wise, the HUNTIT H2 does not disappoint. Central to its design is a capacious main compartment, augmented by a unique 2-way zipper system. This system not only allows users to swiftly access their gear with both hands but also offers the flexibility of opening the compartment from any point along the zipper line—a feature that promises uncompromised ease of access. In addition to this, the backpack thoughtfully integrates:


Three front accessory pockets, ideal for stowing quick-access essentials.

Two mesh side pockets, perfect for sunglasses, beverages, or other frequently accessed items.

An oversized side pocket, amplifying storage options.

A specially designed hydration pocket within the main compartment (though it’s worth noting that a bladder is not included).

The emphasis here is clear: every aspect of the backpack is devised to ensure that hunting gear, from the most significant to the minutiae, finds a place, ensuring an organized and streamlined hunting experience.


Comfort and Usability


A backpack, no matter its features, must prioritize user comfort, and the HUNTIT H2 stands testament to this principle. Its padded air mesh shoulder straps are meticulously crafted to lighten the user’s load while simultaneously promoting airflow—a boon during long hunting treks. The inclusion of a removable chest strap further augments comfort, allowing users to adjust its height to their liking. And, for those brief moments when the backpack isn’t on one’s back, the strong yet comfortable handle ensures easy portability.


Special Features


Beyond its basic function as a storage unit, the HUNTIT H2 shines with its suite of specialized features tailored for the hunting experience. A built-in rain cover ensures the backpack and its contents stay dry, reflecting the brand’s commitment to all-weather performance. The front gripper and compression straps are ingeniously designed, offering hunters an added utility in carrying their gear securely. Particularly noteworthy is the adjustable bow or rifle gripper, enabling the backpack to cater to various hunting styles with ease. Furthermore, the inclusion of Molle webbing on both sides offers additional attachment points, further enhancing the pack’s adaptability and functionality.




A quick overview of the key specs reiterates the backpack’s blend of performance and practicality:


Dimensions: 19″(H) x 12″(W) x 8”(D)

Weight: A mere 2.64LB, emphasizing its lightweight build.

Material: Premium 800D Polyester, marrying durability with finesse.


Overview + Final Thoughts 


The HUNTIT H2 Hunting Backpack, with its extensive array of features and impeccable design, positions itself as a front-runner in the realm of hunting gear. Its thoughtful integration of storage options, comfort enhancements, and specialized hunting features makes it more than just a backpack—it’s a trusted ally for every hunting expedition. Whether you’re an occasional hunter or an avid outdoor enthusiast, the HUNTIT H2 promises to elevate your experience. And, considering its comprehensive offerings, it’s also a stellar gift option for those passionate about the great outdoors.

Given its amalgamation of durability, design precision, and user-centric features, I’d comfortably award the HUNTIT H2 Hunting Backpack a 4.8 out of 5 stars. While no product is without its room for improvement, this backpack certainly comes close to hunting perfection.

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