Sage Equator Taper II Fly Line

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 Sage Equator Taper II

Fly fishing in saltwater can be an incredible experience, but it can become incredibly aggravating in no time when you’re fishing the wrong fly line for harsh saltwater conditions. Sage Equator Taper II Fly Lines are designed specifically to handle the challenges of saltwater fly fishing in hot, windy, humid environments. With the backbone of Sage’s other premium fly line family and a stiffer, heat resistant core and tougher coating, the Equator Taper II line up is ready to rock in the salt! Go ahead, make that 70 foot cast. Who cares if it’s windy and hot? You’ll turn that tarpon.

Equator Taper II Fly Fishing Line
Sage has taken all the attributes and fishability from their Performance Taper II Fly and added a stiffer core and tougher coating for harsh saltwater environments. The Equator Taper II fly line provides the stiffness and power you will need to penetrate the trade winds – even in the hottest, stickiest tropical conditions.

Available in line weights 6 through 12.