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4500CF Series reels share the same frame structure as the 4500, but are even lighter and more durable, thanks to our amazing new carbon fiber spools. 4500CF reels also feature a distinctive finish, aluminum, o-ring handle and a significantly lower price.
Sage’s 4500CF Series Fly Reels are solidly designed for hardcore anglers and the wide range of fly water they fish. All four reels in the series are equipped with an innovative carbon fiber spool for ultra lightweight performance and a monster graphite and stainless steel drag unit with a compact profile and 3:1 gear ratio. These reels are also versatile; spools from the 4500, 4500CF, and past 2500 Series are all interchangeable. Available in a bomber platinum and black finish and protected by a neoprene and ballistic cloth reel case, the 4500CF reels from Sage fish as hard as you do and are ready to rock.


Model # Diameter(in.) Lines Sage Fly Line Weight(oz.) Yds./Backing Extra Spool Price
4540CF 3.5 4/5 Performance Taper II WF-4-F 3 3/4 60/20-lb. $60 $325.00
4550CF 3.6 5/6 Performance Taper II WF-5-F 3 7/8 100/20-lb. $65 $335.00
4560CF 3.7 6/7 Performance Taper II WF-6-F 4 1/8 100/20-lb. $70 $345.00
4580CF 4 8/9 Performance Taper II WF-8-F 4 7/8 200/20-lb. $75 $355.00