Planet Earth Clothing makes snowboard jackets, pants, boardshorts, and apparel that you can feel good about while you wear it. While they know exactly what you want in your outdoors and sports apparel, its the way they make clothes and the quality that they maintain while making them that truly makes this company special.

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Planet Earth is a deep rooted, authentic action sports clothing brand inspiring mature minds to stay young at heart by producing 100% eco-sensitive technical products that look and feel good on the body and the planet.

A first in the action sports industry, Planet Earth targets its entire collection for 20-year-olds on up with styles that appeal to those who’ve incorporated action sports as part of their lives and want their passions for the environment to be reflected in their clothing.

In an effort to offset conventional practices in the apparel industry, and expanding on their limited-run Green Label concept, the company creates a year round, top-to-bottom assortment of eco-sensitive apparel for a variety of outdoor pursuits.

For Spring/Summer, the line includes incorporating organic cottons and recycled materials and components that are easy on the eyes, easy on the body, and easy on the planet.

Their Fall/Winter collection is developed with low environmental impact processes including using formaldehyde-free fabric dyes and inks, applying durable water resistant coatings without the use of harmful PFC chemicals, and constructing garments from virgin and organic cottons, recycled and recyclable PET fabrics and copper hardware trims.

While there is still a long climb ahead toward true sustainability for everyone, Planet Earth continues to do their part with a promise; to shed old habits and adopt new ones, always striving to improve the eco-sensitivity of their products and processes with each new season. Taking care of the planet never looked so good.

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