Wicked Ridge Warrior 165-Pounds Crossbow Package

Price Range: $364.11 to $399.00

Cocking accuracy is enhanced with the addition of Acra-AngleTM technology which, apart from increasing accuracy when firing, increases the safety of the crossbow. The advantage of the crossbow being fitted with the Acra-AngleTM technology means that, when the archer is firing they can keep their index finger resting against the side of the crossbow stock. The result of this means increased shooting accuracy as well as ensuring loading is more accurate. Accuracy is further ensured by the Wicked Ridge Warrior Crossbow having  a machine-finished flight deck which enables the arrows being shot from the crossbow with less resistance, enhanced velocity and that increased accuracy.


A reduction in resistance is also the result of the Power TouchTM trigger with specially-designed trigger pull, DFITM technology, lightweight molded stock and Alph-A-Quad limb system, each of enhance individual functions and combine to create an overall firing system that makes the crossbow a popular contender amongst the very best of modern crossbow designs. The  Wicked Ridge Warrior Crossbow is bought as a package that includes a Wicked RidgeTM arrow quiver with space for 6 arrows plus the 40mm Multi-Dot Scope Ridge-DotTM visual scope which guarantees your shot will make its mark.


The supreme quality of the well-made Wicked Ridge Warrior Crossbow is the result of the CNC-machined riser, a feature that enhances the strength of the crossbow.  In fact, the carefully produced design integrates profound strength with an incomparably lightweight stock. This lightweight design is the result of the extrusion mold, created when gas is injected into the mold. This results in a skeleton of highly-durable composite polymer fabric, the granules from which are extremely compacted as the injected gas presses each polymer pellet tightly against each other. The ultimate result is a greater tensile strength that is coupled with an extremely light stock making it an ideal weapon to carry around in the hunting field, its compact and lightweight design making it versatile and easy to carry.


It’s molded stock measures 371/4 inch in length, with the crossbow measuring 257/8 inches wide. The actual weight of the crossbow itself is just 6lbs but, if you intend to package it for shipping it elsewhere, you need to take 12.7lbs into account. This is due to the additional bits and pieces that are included in the package when you purchase it. The 165lbs draw weight is offset by a trigger pull of 3.5lbs. The amount of pent-up energy waiting to be released is measured in a ratio of foot/pounds. The kinetic energy is calculated as 75.8 foot/lbs. The result of the upgraded and modern innovations incorporated into the latest version of the Wicked Ridge Warrior Crossbow is a powerful and effective weapon that is a highly sought-after crossbow at a comparatively economical price.