An Introduction To Different Forms Of Quivers

The quivers are categorized as the containers which are used for carrying the arrows and bolts or bows. These are actually the bag like containers which are worn at the back and contain the arrows and bolts in large amount. The capacity of every quiver to carry a specific number of arrows is also different. There are different positions and postures in which the quiver can be positioned or worn on the body of archer. In addition to this, the quivers can also be attached to the bow, ground or alternatively to the body or archer. All these positions are decided and depend on the kind of shooting, kind of arrows contained by it and the personal preference of the archer.

There are different kinds of materials of which the best quivers are made of. Traditionally these arrow and bolt carriers were made of materials like leather, furs of animals, wood, and other natural materials. However nowadays, these are made of other materials as well. These materials include both natural as well as synthetic materials. Most commonly the materials used in the making of quivers are plastic or metals. Other than the making materials, the quivers are also classified on the basis of styles and shapes. The most common style which is even followed nowadays as well is the flat formation of a quiver. In this kind, the quiver consists of the flat or cylinder shaped container used to carry the arrows or bolts. This kind of a quiver is held or carried along with the body by means of a belt which is suspended along the body. This style is most commonly followed in the cultures of countries ranging from North America to China.

However this is only the basic kind of a quiver style. There are many variations existing to this style. For example, the quiver can be carried in forward as well as the backward direction. Sometimes it is also carried on the side of dominant hand or on the off hand. In addition to this, there are other variations of holding or carrying quivers as well. Similarly there are variations existing on the basis of sizes as well. There are some kinds which carry the entire arrows while the other kind of quiver is that which is called a pocket quiver. This kind specifically consists of a small but stiff pouch. This pouch is meant for covering only a few inches of the arrows. The most commonly used and ancient form of quiver is the back quiver. This quiver is secured at the back of archer. It is tied by means of straps of leather most commonly. The straps may also protrude from the dominant hand of the archer.

The ground quiver is among those kinds of quivers which are used in warfare and target shooting cases. Usually these are used in the cases when the archer chooses a fixed location for firing or for targeting the aim.

Among the modern style of quivers the bow is attached directly on the limbs and it also holds the arrows by means of a clip.