You can purchase additional aluminum arrows to fit the crossbow. These come in packs of 12 at $5.37 as well as a pack of 12 aluminum pistol bolts for $5.49, both of which you can obtain easily online from Amazon. You would be better advised to buy replacement bolts in plastic rather than aluminum, however. The fins at the end of the bolts are made from black plastic but, those fitted onto aluminum shafts tend to break off and are less durable than those attached to plastic shafts. Plastic bolts are just as easily obtainable from Amazon as their aluminum counterparts are and shoot from the Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol just as well as the aluminum ones do.


Archery enthusiasts each have their own individual reasons for choosing specific models of crossbows. The crossbow offers the archer the opportunity to load and fire fast. Any of the self-cocking designs enable you to load over and over again, as well as firing quicker with far less force needed than you would expect. That said, however, you do need some fairly well-developed biceps to string the prod.


In fact, come to that, you do need some strength in your muscles when cocking, even with the aid of the Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol Crossbow’s self-cocking mechanism. Apart from well-developed biceps, developing a strategy that works well for you is probably your best bet. The way many archers compress the bow in order to string the prod is by some strategically placed rope attached to each end of the bow, pulling it in sufficiently, then tying the rope off securely so that you have two hands available for re-stringing.


While using the repeated cocking feature, the crossbow comes with an automatic safety feature. This is essential because there is a lot of power behind this crossbow. Although the crossbow itself weighs 10lbs it has a pull capacity of 80lbs, a force providing enough velocity to obliterate the bolt once fired. In fact, firing from a distance of 50 feet an aluminum bolt can become embedded into timber to a depth of ½ inch.


It is made in Taiwan. It is a very well-made product but, with such a potentially lethal crossbow you do need to focus on the safety aspect. This includes checking the all the screws on a regular basis. Keep an Allen key to hand as the front Allen wrench screw does work itself loose if you use your Cobra Self cocking Crossbow Pistol on a regular basis. You may also find the aperture that moves up and down, may need attention. This involves removing the sights and re-calibrating the washer. Overall, however, this is a well-constructed weapon that will offer the user many hours of pleasure if maintained well and cared-for properly.