Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow Package

Price Range: $833.99 to $999.00 (View on Amazon)

You can buy it online, at Amazon where it is being sold for $850.39 – a 15% saving on the full list price of the Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow. This crossbow is only sold as a package, consisting of the crossbow itself as well as 3 x 32mm illuminated scope; a rope cocking mechanism; a quiver; a sling; and a set of 3 custom-made carbon arrows, each one 22 inches long. The color of the Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow is black and carbon fiber. It weighs 8.1lbs. The overall length of the stock is 38 inches, and its width is 24 inches.

Another innovation incorporated into the Barnett Ghost 400 CRT is the AVI technology, otherwise known as anti-vibration technology. This enables the archer to aim with more precision, achieving increased opportunities for hitting the target with far less stress. The AVI achieves a smooth firing, as well as greatly reducing the noise levels associated with firing these modern crossbows. In fact, the manufacturer Barnett has been able to reduce incidences of vibration and noise by as much as 30% when the laminated limbs that have been over-molded are combined with the whiplash cams and the aluminum flight track, and the anti-dry fire.

Additional features included in the Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow are the crosswire strings, aluminum flight track and whiplash cams, all of which combine to achieve a firing experience that results in very precise shots while maintaining that smoother, quieter and faster action that the crossbow has become renowned for. Incorporate these features with the anti-dry fire factor, known as ADF; and the metal injectin molding trigger system, usually referred to as MIM trigger mechanism and you have a weapon so powerful the velocity trajectory achieved is 400 feet per second [Fps]from a draw weight capacity of 185lbs.

It is very important that anybody who is considering owning a Barnett Ghost 400 CRT Crossbow fully understands just how powerful this weapon is. Despite the addition of the Carbon Riser Technology enhancing the safety ratio of the crossbow by a factor of 5 to 1, learning how to control any of these modern crossbows is paramount. These modern crossbows are highly advanced and, in novice hands, can feel quite unwieldy and possibly, be difficult to fully control. A draw weight of 185lbs that can achieve a velocity trajectory of 400Fps is a weapon that should be treated with the awe and respect it rightly deserves.