Crossbows are modeled on different designs, with the recurve being an old design with thousands of years of history behind it – dating back to 341BC, in fact. Since then the design has altered to improve accuracy, diminishing in weight over the millennia as materials improved. The recurve bow, such as the design of the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury, presents bow tips that curve away from you. The concept behind the recurve model is to increase the draw length, making it longer than the draw length of a straight bow, resulting in the arrow or bolt accelerating faster than that of arrows released from a straight bow.

When it comes to accuracy, however, a bow with recurve feature, such as that revealed by this crossbow, needs the archer to focus specifically on any discrepancies that might occur when cocking. This is not a design fault in the crossbow, rather than a built-in factor common in all recurve bows. The amount of latent energy potentially able to be released by the crossbow is dependent on different factors, one of which is the draw weight and the amount of force you need to exert to achieve peak weight without let off.

Another factor is the difference between position of the bow’s string when at rest and that when its full draw weight has achieved its optimum. This can be calculated, represented as the total energy being equal to draw weight multiplied by draw length, the overall result of which is then divided by two. If you put this another way, the strength with which you put into pulling the string of the crossbow and take into account the distance by which you can pull this string back, is translated into the amount of potential power by which the power can be released, ultimately resulting in the velocity of the arrow.

This power is represented in the peak draw weight of the crossbow, and all other crossbows; the latent energy waiting to be released which manufacturers represent as foot/pounds; finally, the velocity is measured by manufacturers in feet per second, or Fps. In the case of the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow, the velocity is measured as 235Fps. It represents 175lbs of recurve. When you first purchase it you will receive a shoulder sling that has been padded for additional comfort, a set of four arrows set into a quick-release quiver; a scope mount that is fully adjustable; an automatic safety lock that has been designed to be easily operated with either hand, plus a complement of assembly tools that includes everything you will need to put your new purchase together.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow

Price Range: $252.00 to$164.51