There are few things that are better than a hiking adventure. Going on a trek gives you the opportunity to leave the urban world behind and revel in the beauty of nature with only a pack on your back. One of the things that can break or make a hiking trip is the backpack you choose to carry. High Sierra’s internal frame Hawk 50 Frame (50 liter) is one of the finest I have used.

High Sierra Tech 2 Series Hawk 50 Frame Hiking Backpack Review - Outdoorsmen Reviews

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Features / Specifications

  • 50 liter, top-load main compartment with gusseted drawstring closure and adjustable top lid
  • Easy-Access, front-load zipper compartment with adjustable inner divider
  • Contoured backpack straps, with adjustable load-lifters and VAPEL mesh padding
  • Straps have a removable media pocket and an adjustable sternum strap to stabilize the pack
  • Adjustable lid has an outer zippered pocket with key fob and inner zippered pocket; bungee cord on the lid holds extra gear

High Sierra Tech 2 Series Hawk 50 Frame Hiking Backpack - Airflow Feature Review

The High Sierra Hawk 50 pack itself is light and full of zippers, bungees, and compartments galore! One of my favorite features of this pack is a unique AIRFLOW™ system. One of my least favorite things about a backpack is getting a sweaty back which I lovingly refer to as “swack.” With this pack you will have “swack” no more as the back is constructed in such a way that the main load is lifted away from your body so that air is free to travel between your pack and back. The straps (waist, sternum, and shoulder) are all adjustable which allow you to comfort fit this pack to your body.

One thing I can really appreciate on this bag are the number of clips and weaving which allow for you to clip extra items onto the outside of the bag. No matter how big or how many features are on a bag I always seem to want to clip extra gear on the outside for accessibility or for drying clothing items.

The Hawk 50 has an internal hydration reservoir sleeve and an exit port for the tube – this makes staying hydrated with my camel-back a cinch.

The left shoulder strap of the back has a detachable pouch for your smart phone. I like that this is detachable for people who would rather not have the extra bulk if they don’t plan on using it. For me, I don’t have a problem that this pouch is on the left as I am right handed. My friend however is left handed and for him, it would be more convenient to have the webbing straps also on the right shoulder strap so that this media device could be accessed with more ease.

High Sierra Tech 2 Series Hawk 50 Frame Pack in Moss Green Review - Best Pricing

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When you go on a long excursion it is imperative that you have a pack that is customized for your build. This pack is uniquely shaped to fit a trimmer torso. The adjustable features of this pack allow you to accomplish that. Important for lengthy hikes is the padded waist belt. When fitted correctly there is no strain on back or chaffing at the waist/hips. Each side of the waist belt is equipped with zippered storage compartments which make toting important items like maps, snacks, sunblock, sunglasses, etc. easy.

The main compartment of the Hawk 50 is divided into two main areas. The bottom portion is accessed through a zipper from the outside of the bag. This area is convenient for toting your sleeping bag and/or tent. Under the sleeping compartment, on the outside of the bag are compression straps that I used to carry my sleeping pad. Its in this same area too that there is a hidden tuck away rain cover. This came in handy when a quick downpour threatened to soak the items in my pack! The upper portion is accessed through the top of the bag and is secured with two gusseted drawstring closures. Those drawstrings are then protected by an additional storage pouch that snaps over the top of the pack.

Once again, there are straps on this bag everywhere which ensures that everything is nice, secure, and exactly where you need it. Sure, there are many hiking packs on the market but the Hawk 50 is priced well below most and still provides everything one would need in a pack. The Hawk 50 is the pack to choose when you want convenience during your short or long hiking adventures.

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Here are a few pics of my High Sierra 45 Pack which was my favorite hiking backpack until I purchased the High Sierra Tech 2 Series Hawk 50. Either way you can’t go wrong with a High Sierra’s Hawk backpack!

high-sierra-hawk-45 or 50 -backpack-review

high-sierra-hawk-45-50 airflow-hiking backpack review